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Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro with Matt "Linny" Linesch

Matt (Linny) Linesch is a producer & the owner of Infinitespin Recorders in Los Angeles.

The studio has a rich history, having been most recently owned by Toto drummer Simon Phillips. It was also once operated by Sheila E., during which time her father painted a mural in the live room that’s still there today.

Matt took over the space in May 2017, making it a warm, comfortable environment for artists to be creatively free–a concept that’s paramount to Matt’s overall approach to working with musicians.

Still working on a mostly analogue set-up, the centerpiece of Infinitespin Recorders is Matt’s 40-channel API console. Built in 1972, the desk changed hands several times, once living at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco. Over the years it found its way to a home studio in Los Angeles, where a crane was eventually used to remove it from the house! Matt shared a photo of the 1300-pound console being hoisted into the air, which you can see in the video below. It should come as no surprise, then, that it was quite a feat moving the beast into Matt’s studio as well!

In addition to the API, Matt uses a 16-channel Neve sidecar, a Studer A827 tape machine, and an array of outboard gear. We took a look at one of his more recent acquisitions: a UTA Unfairchild compressor that he’s demoing, which was also featured in our recent Eric Valentine interview. He uses a variety of Manley equipment as well, including a Massive Passive stereo EQ which is great for adding a “tube-like” sound to the mix buss.

For a more in-depth look at the space and the gear, please enjoy this interview and studio tour with Matt Linesch of Infinitespin Recorders.

Matt Linesch