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Producer, engineer, mixer, and studio owner Matt Linesch, referred to by friends  as “Linny,” is a born and raised native Angelino. He attended Loyola High School and then earned his Bachelor's degree from Loyola Marymount University, notable in itself for inspiring and developing countless and valuable music industry alumni. Linesch now sits as a part-time professor at Loyola Marymount University, teaching ‘Live Studio Recording’ to undergraduates within the ‘School of Film and Television.’

Having grown up in Los Angeles, Linny always knew he would be part of the music and recording industry.  His passion for music developed at a young age while listening to 50s hits riding in his dad’s 1970 GTO, cruising in Venice Beach listening to The Rolling Stones, and attending concert after concert around town.  His most memorable childhood show was Ray Charles at the iconic Hollywood Bowl, front-middle box. 

While being very active in the new music community, professionally spanning many different genres, Linny is well versed in classic vinyl record collecting.  The mixtures of these two dynamics greatly inform his engineering and producing vision.
Linny’s most recent endeavor has been the opening of a full-service recording studio in Sherman Oaks, CA, called Infinitespin Records.  His combination of his disciplined analog approach and ever-evolving digital techniques towards all of his music is flourishing and expanding in his new studio space.  

The studio’s centerpieces are a one of a kind, 40-channel API console from 1972, a 16-channel Neve sidecar, a 24-track Studer A827 tape machine, and an array of outboard gear, which collectively allow for vast creative sonic directions. 

The geographical proximity of Infinitespin Recorders to Hollywood, the general Los Angeles region as well as the beach and valley communities is now making it an epicenter for producers, independent labels, new recording artists and recording veterans eager to collaborate with Linny, and his magic and melodic room. 

One telling aspect of Linny’s studio is his approach to recording vocals. Besides his collection of microphones (C12, U67, U87, RCA 44, RCA 77, SM7, etc), Linny knows how to deliver a voice to tape. He has a distinct ability to capture the presence of vocalists, while maintaining a smooth and silky feel even amongst the most aggressive of performances. The dimensions of the rooms (live room-20’x30’, booth-7’x12’, booth-7’x6’, and booth-11’x14’) allow the right amount space and even leakage if desired, to ensure the best audio results for clients.   

Dedication and authenticity are what drive Linny to approach every project with his utmost integrity.  He believes that the establishment of trust given by his artists to participate and shape their music alongside them is of his highest regard. 

Whether he is producing a project from the initial stage of songwriting, engineering a single, or mixing a full-length album, Linny believes each step of the process is as creative as the next.  He and his artists become a team of equals, all working closely toward the same united goal.

Throughout his musical pursuits, Linny is grateful for the successes along the way.  Linny ran the private full-service studio of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros in Ojai, CA, for three years, leased one of the rooms at United Recording in Hollywood for three years, as well as worked in all of the major studios in and around the Los Angeles Area.  Early in his career, he worked closely for Ross Hogarth, a Grammy Winning Producer/Engineer. With Hogarth, Linny had the opportunity to work on many various artists including, Van Halen, Doobie Brothers, Don Henley, and French artist, Tete. 

Linny’s first record that he engineered/mixed for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Here (Vagrant Records/Community Music), debuted at #5 on the Billboard magazine 200 and hit the top of the Americana/Folk charts.  His work with Edward Sharpe’s front man, Alex Ebert, for the film All Is Lost, (Community Music) engineered and mixed by Linesch, garnered a Golden Globe for Best Original Score.  Linny then when on to engineer and mix Edward Sharpe’s self-titled album, (Vagrant/Community Music) mix their live album, (Community Music) and track their latest release, PersonA (Community Music). 

Along with many diverse acts in the United States, Linny has also found success with international artists, such as The Wanton Bishop’s LP, Sleep with the Lights On (2015) and Nowhere Everywhere E.P. (2016) (Keeward) as writer, producer, and engineer/mixer on select tracks, and mix Wagons, Acid, Rain and Sugar Cane (Spunk 2014) from Australia. 

Linny’s understanding and reverence for the classic record making process has allowed him to work both with young artists in the industry, as well as seasoned musicians. For much of his career, he continues to work closely as an engineer/mixer with singer/songwriter Dave Mason, a founding member of the legendary band, Traffic, who subsequently emerged as an acclaimed solo artist with over a dozen solo albums to his name.  

Linny and Infinitespin Recorders offer an environment that initiates and enhances true love for music, and excitement for creating music; apparent from the moment you walk in his custom-built studio.  

Creating a comfortable and creative environment, where people can work freely as a team, pushing boundaries and finding new forms of expression is the sole goal for Linny and his approach to music and his studio.